!?!?!@ 6:17pm 12-27-2022
nocturne@ 12:13pm 12-27-2022
i am eateding all your server profile aesthetics . they r so pretty and for what /vpos
jacks stauber@ 5:23pm 12-26-2022
wonder!!@ 1:21pm 12-26-2022
HELLO we dont talk but you are SO COOL AND AWESOME HAVE A NICE DAY
FOXFIRE ENJOYER@ 7:56am 12-26-2022
Hylian@ 3:01am 12-26-2022
you lot are so silly and nice and you are so very munch
im not gay@ 5:42pm 12-25-2022
im not gay , you are RAH
lalalala@ 1:06pm 12-25-2022
o/ ! we've never rlly interacted w you but ur temps r rad and you seem very cool
that kid FTP :)@ 12:17am 12-25-2022
hey again, it's that kid from the pond. I've just been overthinking my last message (apologies if it upset you or made you uncomfy). you probably have tons of secret admirers, so our most likely means little to nothing to you. I'm so conflicted about how I feel. I truly think you're amazing but I could never say these things to you. I'm so embarrassed and I can never tell how you feel. maybe we'll become great friends one day, and maybe we can laugh and joke about the anons and other love notes you have. I just need ya to know that you are everything and you are worth so much. treat yourself with care and kindness ♪ヽ(´▽`)/
Thor@ 10:43pm 12-24-2022
I know you only see me sometimes in chat but I think you're so cool and I hope that you feel like you are the best because you deserve to be happy but when I talk to you it's difficult because I'm trying to find the right things to say and they are never really right but I hope that you think I'm cool because I think you're cool (platonic)
chewtoy@ 8:39pm 12-24-2022
hi foxfire waving at u i am ur paparazzi
meow@ 8:20pm 12-24-2022
that kid from the po@ 8:18pm 12-24-2022
I really think you're amazing and wonderful but every time I talk to you or try to talk to you it feels so hard, like everything I say is wrong. I dunno why I'm trying to hard honestly, I don't know if I like you or not but regardless your approval would mean everything to me
kitty gf@ 8:13pm 12-24-2022
hi, i love you so much Ɛ>
the lfgay ?!@ 8:02pm 12-24-2022
helo foxfire i saw tjis and now i am eatingd you you silly billy /pos

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