the third@ 2:15pm 02-24-2023
okay this might be a hint, im not autistic. how many none autistic people do you know ?
guest squared@ 2:14pm 02-24-2023
rg'h xibkg <3
the third@ 2:12pm 02-24-2023
i cannot give you a hint ... it'll be way to obvious then
the third@ 2:09pm 02-24-2023
sure i can give you a hint, ive spoken to ur dog before
quest squared@ 2:08pm 02-24-2023
from me?
the third@ 2:07pm 02-24-2023
mmmm no
technically guest to@ 2:05pm 02-24-2023
im sitting next to guest. your hint from me is theyre literally talking rn <3
the third@ 2:04pm 02-24-2023
well any others that aren't that obvious ?
the third@ 2:02pm 02-24-2023
and who do you think i am ?
the third@ 2:00pm 02-24-2023
do you think i was staff ?
Guest@ 2:00pm 02-24-2023
No problem. Have fun. If you need anything else, I'll read your statuses
Guest@ 1:59pm 02-24-2023
the third@ 1:57pm 02-24-2023
maybe i have maybe i haven't..
Guest@ 1:55pm 02-24-2023
Via a templates server first, only really started talking in Pride Flags
the third@ 1:53pm 02-24-2023
mmm that's way to obvious, m. my name starts with a m

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