avi@ 12:34am 03-12-2023
little man learned swear words and is using them in every sentence its so silly !!
oh no i got cussed out by a child wah wah wah
crypt your no. 1 fav@ 12:33am 03-12-2023
you wanna know who i am? i'm their partner. so no, i won't shut up with that 'goofy ass name'
??@ 12:33am 03-12-2023
that's my last message , bye, love u kal
??@ 12:32am 03-12-2023
it's not yours either?? like seriously are you kalena's protector??? pathetic, and you arent my no. 1 fav so stfu with that goofy ass name, you're all fucktards
ran2@ 12:32am 03-12-2023
okay crazy thought anon ! reveal urself , kal doenst like kids u sick fuck
crypt your no. 1 fav@ 12:30am 03-12-2023
lmao. make me. it's not your guestbook.
avi@ 12:30am 03-12-2023
i will shut my curry muncher mouf when i want
??@ 12:29am 03-12-2023
as if kalena hasn't ever springed for a minor. stfu all of u.
avi@ 12:27am 03-12-2023
zamn why all these kids here liking kalena hes 20 in 2 months
ranze@ 12:27am 03-12-2023
dear 15 year old
worry about ur fucking exams rather than the approval of a19 almost 29 year old ! thanks in advance '
crypt your no. 1 fav@ 12:27am 03-12-2023
lmao. they actually aren't. and me back off? thanks but no thanks. it's fucking weird you're stalking this page and getting angry over the fact that you're getting rejected
??@ 12:25am 03-12-2023
shut the fuck up bee, you're an annoying ass fuck, you should back off, i wouldn't be the first underage partner and you're just rude. I know kalena is poly, just stop.
crypt your no. 1 fav@ 12:24am 03-12-2023
and as a kid, you should stop trying to go after someone who's happily in a relationship. you're literally 15. grow up. — bee
??@ 12:22am 03-12-2023
i'm just a kid in love stop saying i'm a hater please /srs
crypt your no. 1 fav@ 12:19am 03-12-2023
guys. back off. your anon hate doesn't do anything. we just laugh at it. you want to go hate? go look at ours. i know which ones keep hating, you know where to find it. — bee

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